Great Oak

Great Oak

Project Great Oak is a new build home design incorporating a blend of traditional and contemporary elements in its modern farmhouse design.

The contrast between natural stone and black siding defines the exterior, creating a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic. Adding a modern touch, metal roof details and large grilled windows elevate the traditional farmhouse form to a whole new level. These elements not only enhance the overall modernity of the design but also maintain a connection to the farmhouse's timeless charm. A noteworthy feature is the incorporation of wood herringbone doors, introducing a warm and inviting touch to the exterior. Beyond their functional role, these doors become a unique visual element, contributing to the seamless integration of traditional and modern elements. Project Great Oak stands as a beautiful example of how the marriage of traditional and modern design elements can result in a truly special modern farmhouse that resonates with both charm and contemporary allure.

Architectural Style

Modern Farmhouse


Etobicoke - Toronto, ON

Square Footage

3,600sft Above Grade

Scope of Project

New Build